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Norwich for jobs award

Points make prizes or so the saying goes.  With Norwich for Jobs those points are proactive activities helping young people get into work and the prizes are bronze, silver, gold or platinum certificates.  Simple stuff, the more you do the higher the award.

Any 4 activities from CV & interview skills sessions, talks, tours of your work premises or jobs club workshop sessions earn a bronze certificate.

Once you have a bronze any 4 activities from work tasters, work experience, active promotion of Norwich for Jobs, a best practice case study, apprenticeship or paid employment earns a silver certificate.

To achieve gold you need to support any 3 bronze or silver activities with young people who are furthest from the job market such as those with physical barriers or mental health barriers such as anxiety, stress & autism.

Platinum is our top award & by invitation only.  Once you have achieved gold recognition the Steering Group may recognise your performance as above and beyond what should be expected from an organisation such as yours.

All activities must be coordinated through the Norwich for Jobs team.