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Norwich For Jobs welcomes new Strategic Board Members as it moves forward to support young people

The Norwich For Jobs project is proud to welcome new Strategic Board Members as we look forward to the project’s new challenges.

The Norwich for Jobs project, which launched in 2013, set out to halve Norwich’s youth unemployment. We achieved this goal and worked beyond that to help thousands of young people into work with local firms.

The project has evolved over three phases:

Can offering work experience help you to reduce recruitment costs and select the right person for the right job?

Through the Norwich For Jobs Project, a local financial firm has used our young people’s work experience placements to help them successfully fill live vacancies. Validus, who recently achieved their Norwich For Jobs Silver Award offered work experience placements through our project, and found themselves in a position to meet their recruitment needs at the same time.

Norwich For Jobs welcomes Showcaser to work with us delivering employer support.

On Thursday 13th September, the Norwich For Jobs Projected welcomed Donna Owen from Showcaser to our base at Norwich Job CentrePlus where she delivered employer support with our young people.

Donna spent the day supporting our young people through employment mentoring and interview practice sessions.

Employer support is vitally important to the Norwich For Jobs Project in helping us work with young people to become a step closer on their journey to being job-ready.

Norwich For Jobs thanks Archant for hosting a workplace visit

Norwich For Jobs would like to thank Archant for hosting a workplace visit for young people enrolled with the Norwich For Jobs Project.

During their visit, the young people learned about the world of newspaper publishing and different types of jobs in the news industry during their visit.

After a tour of the newsroom the 18 to 24-year-olds were shown around the publisher’s library, which has copies of publications from across the EDP’s 140-year history, and heard from David Powles, editor of the EDP and Norwich Evening News, about life in the modern UK newspaper industry.

Pickr have secured a Norwich for Jobs bronze award for their role in supporting young people

The team at Pickr ( ) have secured a Norwich for Jobs bronze award for their role in supporting young people gain the knowledge, skills & experience needed to enter the workplace.  Pickr have presented at Jobs Clubs, participated at employers panels and provided work experience opportunities for young people. 

Seven Norwich for Jobs young people are now celebrating being taken on in full-time jobs at Marks and Spencer store

The city’s Marks and Spencer store embraced the Norwich for Jobs campaign by offering eight-week work placements to 12 young people - and seven of them are now celebrating being taken on in full-time jobs.

Store manager Mark Robertson described the campaign, launched by city MP Chloe Smith to halve the area’s youth unemployment in two years, as a “win-win for employers and young people”

He said they would be offering more work placements under the Norwich for Jobs banner in August and that said everything about the scheme’s success.