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Rhys' Story

Rhys suffers from Dyslexia, he looks after the welfare of his younger brother and lives with his Stepfather.  Lacking in confidence and direction, Rhys, after discussion with his Work Coach, decided to start on the Monday Support Club.  He received much one to one support from, and joined in various activities on the Support Club.  This developed his social interaction and communication with others.  Through various support offered via NFJ, Rhys made progress, by attending external visits to employers and participating in activities to develop his self esteem.  Every Monday was different.
After participating at the Monday Support Club, Rhys received one to one support with his Apprenticeship and jobsearch.   After intensive jobsearch, Rhys started work as a Sales Assistant at a Norwich Riverside clothing store, and now regularly volunteers for overtime.
Rhys says he now feels completely different, is confident, looks forward to work and feels his well-being issues have vastly improved.  He feels this has also had a positive effect on his family life.
Rhys commented  “The N4J Monday Support Club gave me the platform.  I did not feel pressurised, making it ideal.  I wanted to challenge myself and Tom & Joanna gave me that – the right help.  It gave me a reason to get up and go somewhere.  Interacting with other customers – Tom would ask other young people in the group to speak about their journeys and goals and this I found really encouraging.  I felt trapped at home.  My best experience was hearing a presentation one Monday from an ex footballer Cedric Anselin.  It made me realise that somebody else had greater problems than me and made me think ‘don’t give up!’ “