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Pickr have secured a Norwich for Jobs bronze award for their role in supporting young people

The team at Pickr ( ) have secured a Norwich for Jobs bronze award for their role in supporting young people gain the knowledge, skills & experience needed to enter the workplace.  Pickr have presented at Jobs Clubs, participated at employers panels and provided work experience opportunities for young people. 

Josh was one of the young people Pickr engaged with on work experience & he shared his journey through a blog on the Pickr web-site.

“Many hear about spouts of anxiety caused through a lack of employment. However, my experience has been different. Anxiety has been the cause of me not being well enough to seek employment. My name’s Josh and I’m here to tell you about my story. 

The dictionary defines anxiety as:

“A feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease about something with an uncertain outcome.”

For me it’s been a four-year battle. I’ve often felt that over-worrying has left me paralysed. At its worst it has prevented me leaving the house and has often led to states of depression. The culmination of both have limited my access to employment.

However, more recently I’ve felt that I’ve gotten to the stage where I can begin looking at work again. Enter Norwich for Jobs.

Norwich for Jobs is an initiative aimed at helping unemployed young people with work barriers, such as mental health issues, into employment. Started in 2013, they have helped over 2,000 people move into work. They run weekly group sessions designed to equip attendees with the skills and help them develop CVs.

Now, often I’ve found groups like this to be really unhelpful, because often they boil down to someone standing in a room telling you to go home and do a job-search online. However, my experience of Norwich for Jobs was very different.

Norwich for Jobs work directly with employers to offer work experience opportunities. They bring in companies from various industries to help explain what they look for in employees.

On 8th November 2017 it was Pickr’s turn to give one of the sessions and I managed to land some work experience. I later found that Pickr has recently joined the Norwich for jobs employers panel, which includes other businesses within the Norwich area; Aviva, Marriott and the local council, to name but a few.

Pickr have been extremely helpful, allowing me to go at my own pace and not pushing me to do more than I’m ready for. As such, I was asked to have a go at writing a piece for Pickr’s blog. This was simultaneously exciting and slightly terrifying to me; I like writing, but other people seeing my writing is a major point of anxiety. However, Pickr has been endlessly supportive and I’m already feeling more confident about my work, and my ability to work.

This is all an extension of what Pickr does on a day to day basis, helping people get into work as quickly and easily as possible, while still allowing them to go at their own pace.

If you’re a business local to Norwich or Norfolk and my story has inspired you. Contacting Norwich for Jobs at and see what you can do to help too.”