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Norwich For Jobs thanks Archant for hosting a workplace visit

Norwich For Jobs would like to thank Archant for hosting a workplace visit for young people enrolled with the Norwich For Jobs Project.

During their visit, the young people learned about the world of newspaper publishing and different types of jobs in the news industry during their visit.

After a tour of the newsroom the 18 to 24-year-olds were shown around the publisher’s library, which has copies of publications from across the EDP’s 140-year history, and heard from David Powles, editor of the EDP and Norwich Evening News, about life in the modern UK newspaper industry.

Beckie Rowbotham, a work coach at Norwich Jobcentre, which supports Norwich for Jobs, said workplace visits were valuable for the scheme’s young people. “It gives them an overview of what different working environments are like and we would hope it gives them the confidence to ask employers questions,” she said.

If you are an employer, and would be willing to offer young people enrolled with Norwich For Jobs the chance to learn more about your industry, please do contact us.


(Photo credit: Archant: Chris Hill)