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Can offering work experience help you to reduce recruitment costs and select the right person for the right job?

Through the Norwich For Jobs Project, a local financial firm has used our young people’s work experience placements to help them successfully fill live vacancies. Validus, who recently achieved their Norwich For Jobs Silver Award offered work experience placements through our project, and found themselves in a position to meet their recruitment needs at the same time.

Norwich For Jobs endorsed work experience placements can help with your recruitments needs when assessing the suitability of a firm’s recruitment needs whilst supporting the young person gain valuable workplace experience.

In addition to offering work experience placements with Norwich For Jobs, Validus have also delivered mock interviews and CV sessions at their premises to our 'Wednesday Employer Club'. The day also featured work shadowing, an overview of their premises and business.

If you’d like to discuss with us how you can support young people on our project, whilst fulfilling your recruitment needs, please do get in touch- our team would be happy to discuss your needs.