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Norwich for Jobs celebrates KindaKafe achieving their Silver award for their work with young people

Norwich for Jobs was pleased to present KindaKafe with their Silver award for their work with supporting young people. The KindaKafe is a community cafe and events venue owned by the Missing Kind charity. KindaKafe offers supportive work placements for young people facing barriers to gaining employment. In 2018, over 30 young people and young adults participated in work placements where they gained confidence and work skills by volunteering in the cafe and supporting events.

Norwich For Jobs meets KindaKafe Young Persons' group at The Plantation Gardens

On Thursday 8th August, Norwich For Jobs Monday Support Club met KindaKafe Young Persons' group at The Plantation Gardens.


The visit allowed the young people we work with to enhance their social interaction, communication skills and self-esteem


Callum from the Norwich For Jobs Monday Support Club is also currently undertaking Work Experience with KindaKafe - which offers a warm, friendly atmosphere serving coffee, hot meals and a delicious array of cakes. 


Norwich For Jobs Monday Support Club visits Awayadays, City Sightseeing Norwich

Yesterday, our Norwich For Jobs Monday Support Club, enjoyed a sightseeing tour courtesy of David McMaster at Awayadays, City Sightseeing Norwich. The Norwich For Jobs Team, and our Monday Club members thoroughly appreciated this great gesture from David . Not only did our young vulnerable customers find it interesting, it is another step in developing their communication skills, self-esteem and group social interaction.


Chloe's Story

Before I went to Norwich4jobs Monday Support Club, I was struggling to find a job and my confidence was much lower than it is now. At the time I joined Norwich4jobs I had just finished my MA degree in Creative Writing and was volunteering for Hellesdon Library where I had been volunteering for since the year I started sixth form. I also volunteered for the Conservation Volunteers from 2014 to 2015 and Oxfam St Giles from 2016 to 2019.

Joe's Story

We met Joe in May and he advised that he was starting University in September studying law but that he could do with obtaining some relevant work experience.  I contacted Howes Percival LLP who were happy to provide this for Joe.  Joe enjoyed his time there and is now ready to start his Law degree with added confidence