Lucy Jobber: Internship programme with Norwich for Jobs

After three months, I have now come to the end of my internship with Norwich for Jobs. Following on from my last graduate internship with the University Writers’ Service, I was looking to further develop my relationships with local Norwich employers and young people on a broader scale – I’m pleased to say that this internship allowed me to do just that!

My job role held three sections:

• Employment engagement assistant, which involved me communicating with local employers and encouraging them to consider opportunities for young people within their workplace.

• Volunteers Team Leader, where I worked alongside our team of volunteers to organise events, network and promote the project through social media and our website.

• Marketing Manager, where I held the responsibility for the marketing for events, such as the Business Breakfast and ‘One Year On’ celebration, as well as our welcome packs for prospective employers.

Norwich for Jobs allowed me to thoroughly immerse myself with its multiple different projects. I was give the opportunity to contribute at Steering Group meetings, where we’ve discussed the future plans of the project alongside Chloe Smith MP and local businesses, such as, Norfolk Chamber of Commerce and Norfolk TEN Group. We also held a monthly Young Persons’ panel which was a great opportunity to discuss youth unemployment with fellow job seekers, and employers and providers who are currently employing 16-24 year olds.

In my final month, I was given the task of organising our ‘One Year On’ celebration event within The Forum. It was an extensive project which enabled me to gain invaluable experience in event management and marketing. The tasks varied from the booking of guest presenters, sourcing venue hire and catering, organising filming sessions for promotional footage and drawing in the contacts I made to encourage large-scale attendance on the day. Consequently, Norwich for Jobs exceeded its target of 100 employers committed to the campaign on the day and there are now over 1000 opportunities available for job-seekers in Norwich.

The skills which I gained and the relationships that I have made with local Norwich businesses and were great opportunities to gain my confidence in the workplace and I feel privileged to have been allowed such a significant amount of involvement with the campaign over the past three months. As a result, the internship has now opened up some exciting prospects and I look forward to seeing where the future will lead.


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