Hannah's Voluntary Work Experience at Norwich For Jobs

I have taken part in a Norwich for Jobs voluntary work experience placement for four weeks and it has improved me in many ways.

I first found Norwich for Jobs while looking for work a couple of months ago as I had just started on JSA. I came across the website on Google and I was curious as to what the project was about and how it helped young people like myself. I saw that the project was reducing youth unemployment in two years and not only did this make me want to join the project in some shape or form but I was also very pleased and delighted that finally there was a voice for young people. I myself find it very hard to find work especially when there is a ‘stigma’ attached to youth unemployment. For many years young people have not had a voice about unemployment and the struggle to find work, with a prejudice about young people in the work industry and how this puts employers off wanting to employ young people in the future. Because of the project it now gives a voice to young people and how we feel as individuals and as a group. We can express our views while being heard and our opinions actually matter. With this, employers see a side to young people and they too can express their opinion while helping the project. It also gives young people confidence to find work and gives us a chance to show employers what we can do.

To help me improve my chances of finding work I also went on a course with Avanta. James Ing ran the three day course and it was the best course I have been on. Not only did he give us a step by step guide on what to do in an interview to impress the employer but how to prepare for an interview with a detailed booklet we could keep. He also showed us how to write an excellent CV. Before all of this I had mis-conceptions as usually when taught how to write a good CV, it’s very basic and doesn’t help at all. But James ran through every detail and from that I am confident with my CV. So much so I have actually got interviews from companies and them contacting me, which before I wouldn’t even hear back from a company I applied to.

I have also been on a four week course with Norwich for Jobs and I’ve really enjoyed it. I am so much more confident than before, not just with people but with any task given to me. I am confident in my abilities and thanks to the course I am confident when in an interview. I find now I am less nervous to approach employers. Because the team gave me tasks I had never done, this also improved my confidence. It helped me to believe in myself more and challenge my abilities while adding new skills.

I wrote professional emails to committed employers and rang employers up to confirm their commitments while adding details to the spread sheets. I helped with the marketing spread sheets and sat in on meetings which gave me a good insight in to the project. I also met Chloe Smith, the founder of the project which also improved my confidence speaking to an MP. I updated the hub webpage with new vacancies and also added to Twitter. I went to a social media event which was very useful as I got a clear insight into how social media helps companies as well as jobseekers.

I am very glad I did the work experience as I worked with a wonderful group of people and added new skills and work to my CV.

I would defiantly recommend doing work experience to anyone as it gives you a chance to build a confident personality while improving your chances of finding work in the future.

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