Christiana’s work experience at Archant


Before I started work at Archant Ltd on 9th June 2014, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I had always walked past the big EDP building, wondering what everything was like inside for years. Prior to the day before the training day, I wasn’t nervous at all. I just remember thinking that I have worked in call centres before so I can do this. The day before I started was the day I received the call from trainer Andrew Denny and that was when it sunk in. I was nervous.


During the training day I learnt how to follow the 7 steps of the sale Archant’s way, how to get through to ‘the man’, and self motivation showing that if I feel negative, all I need to do is lift my shoulders back and smile.


I like to think I am a confident person anyway, but I feel that this training programme has given me even more confidence and new sales skills to take in to my new role at Archant Ltd.


The Norwich for Jobs initiative is definitely something that I would recommend to employers as it’s great for building their work force as well as anyone getting the chance to take part in work experience programmes. Archant is a great place to work and the people are so helpful, I’m glad I have the chance to work here.

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